Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Women in the west

Western Women
One-fifth of British women are sexually abused as a child!
21 per cent of women and 11 per cent of men have been abused by paedophiles.
Sexual abuse of women and children are on the high.
Sexual assault are very damaging to the victims and has along term affect on them (in one way or another.)
Men,Women and Children need to be protected from these type of people.
The Government needs to do more to deal with these criminals and paedophiles.
The wider society needs also to do they part by looking after each other than
ignoring the crimes that is happening in the back yard.
We are all victims of crime ! if we are not concern about our communities,
then the communities will fall apart and disharmoney will be pervalent in the society.
So when you have people like Sir Igor Judge making alarming commets ,it does not help the victim or does it give us, the public of any reassurance in the system that has been exploited.
Sir Igor Judge, the Deputy Lord Chief Justice, said:
"That even a woman who is heavily intoxicated may still be able to consent to sex."

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