Monday, 23 June 2008


Americas: Saudi’s capitulate to American pressure and raise production

On 13/6/2008 the BBC reported that Saudi Arabia could increase its output by more than half a million barrels of oil per day to a record 10 million barrels per day. Saudi Arabia is coming under increasing pressure from G8 and the Bush administration to raise production and curb escalating oil prices. However, the popular perception is that speculators are the chief culprits behind the soaring price of crude oil. Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti said "enormous" speculation is behind the rising energy prices.
It is now widely documented that whenever the dollar falls powerful hedge funds intervene and cause huge spikes in the price of crude oil. Such initiatives cause a temporary rebound in the value of the dollar. If the rulers of Saudi Arabia had a modicum of common sense they could take advantage of the current situation to rid the Saudi Arabia of American and western domination. All that is required is to de-peg the Saudi Riyal from the dollar and withdraw money from western banks.
Europe: Italy- Europe’s new police state
On 15/06/2008 the Italian government announced that 2,500 soldiers are to be deployed for a maximum period of one year. The deployment is the government’s attempt to curb Italy’s soaring crime. Up to 300 soldiers are expected to carry out patrols and security checks there to help combat muggers and pickpockets. This is the first time the Italian army has been used since World War 2. The fundamental cause of crime in capitalist societies like Italy is the capitalist goal in life, which each member of society strives to achieve. This goal in life only recognizes the pursuit of sensual pleasure for human beings as the sole way to attain happiness. The capitalist goal in life has no room for spiritual, moral or humanitarian pursuits. Naturally such a self-centered outlook towards life leads people to be irresponsible, callous and rebellious towards law and authority. Even the severity of the law does not deter people from committing crime. Thus for many years, Western governments have struggled to reduce the growing number of paedophiles, rapists, drug addicts, joy riders, burglars, fraudsters and the like - no matter how many laws they enact or how much time and money they spend on policing.
In Islam the individual through his Taqwa, the public through their concern about the preservation of society and the state all act in unison to ensure that the Islamic laws are implemented and that crime is minimized. The Islamic history bears testimony to this fact. For example, when Imam Malik was appointed the judge of Madinah, he had to wait almost a year before he presided over his first case.
Middle East: Egypt’s misplaced Fatwa
On 15/6/2008 it was reported that Al-Azhar University in Cairo issued a fatwa demanding that the government donate 20 percent of its profits from oil, gas and minerals to the poor as alms. Does not Al-Azhar recognize that this fatwa will never solve the economic problems of the poverty stricken masses? This is because the crux of the Egypt’s numerous economic problems is caused by capitalist solutions imported from the West. These solutions permeate all spheres of Egyptian life—not just economics. The fatwa that Al-Azhar should have issued is a stipulation for the removal of capitalist solutions along with the Mubarak regime that implements them. Allah says in the Quran: “And those who do not judge by what Allah has revealed are disbelievers” [TMQ]. A fatwa calling for the removal of Mubarak’s evil regime, and the re-establishment of the Khilafah on its ashes is long overdue from the ulema of Al-Azhar. The messenger (saw) of Allah described the ulema as the inheritors of the prophets. But today, Al-Azhar is a staunch supporter of Mubarak’s kufr regime that oppresses Muslims at the behest of colonialist powers.
Africa: Are Chad and Sudan on the brink of war?
This week Chad accused Sudanese soldiers of helping rebels attack one of its frontier military camps. The attack came as rebels opposed to Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno claimed further advances on the capital N'djamena. ”After dispatching columns of mercenaries to Chad and failing to secure strategic areas, the Sudanese army took matters in its own hands today and attacked Ade, backed up by helicopters,” a Chadian government statement said. Diplomatic relations broke off in mid-May after an attack near Sudan’s capital, Khartoum , by a Darfur rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement. The real architects of this perpetual conflict are Europe and America. Chad through French and British aid and Sudan through American support are engaged in a bitter proxy war—which threatens to explode into a full blown conflict. The conflict is sold to world as humanitarian crisis in Darfur —nothing could be further from the truth.
At the heart of the dispute are Sudan’s strategic oil reserves. The struggle between the major powers also explains why hitherto the UN is ineffective and EUFOR (European Force) is stationed in Chad.
South Asia: Taliban’s assault demonstrates more than luck
The recent escape of hundreds of prisoners from Kandahar, the seizure of small towns in nearby vicinities, and the capture of helicopter engines bound for US crusaders speaks volumes about Taliban’s growing confidence. America and Europe frightened by an imminent Taliban comeback have ushered in huge deployments to fight the bold pushtun resistance. The rag-tag band of men, once dismissed as ineffective by crusader forces are now posing a grave threat—one of strategic proportions. The question on most people’s minds is what would happen if the Muslim armies from Iran, Central Asia and Pakistan joined the Taliban. Whilst the agent rulers in these countries reject such assertions, their people are hoping for such an outcome. Indeed, only the Khilafah can provide such a result. The messenger (saw) of Allah said, “The Imam is a shield behind whom the people are protected and behind whom they fight”.

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